Wedding Albums

In my wedding photo albums I work with prestigious laboratories offering the best quality of work, using top of the line materials for printing and binding.My style of layout is simple and elegant at the same time, a style that never gets old; giving each photograph the importance it deserves. This layout is hand-made, keeping in mind each photograph  and making each album unique.

The material covers  can be chosen, in linen or fabric, with the possibility to choose between different colours and textures. The sheets can be printed on silk or matte paper. In both cases the durability of the images over time and use are guaranteed.I have two options for wedding photo albums that would perfectly suite every need, with the possibility of printing it on different types of sheets and format.

Option 01, Fine Art Wedding Album: An album sized 29 x 21 cm, comes in a panoramic format with flexible sheets of fine art ePhoto paper quality, a very light and portable album in which you can include a large number of images.

It contains 100 sheets (200 individual pages) where you can include up to 250 images with a simple layout that includes just one photo per individual page giving more importance to each image.

The album covers come in fabric, and this option includes a matching box with your names printed, both in the box and on the album.

Fine Art Wedding Albums

Option 02, Vintage Wedding Album: An album with linen covers. It can be with an square format (30 x 30 cms) or a panoramic format (37 x 28 cm). An ideal format for storing and transporting, not being too big or too heavy.This type of album contains 30 sheets (60 individual pages), where you can include over 100 photos. It comes with a matching linen box and with your names printed both in the box and on the album cover.

Printed on photographic paper, it is possible to choose between hard and soft sheets.Additionally, together with the main album, you can order two identical parent albums, sized 25 x 25 cm with the same material, paper quality and matching linen box.

Vintage Wedding Albums