Engagement in Venice Beach, Irene + Pablo

The engagement in Venice Beach with Irene and Pablo was quite a coincidence. You know I usually work as wedding photographer in Malaga but I really enjoy photographing events abroad as well.

Well, during a few days I had the opportunity to do a wedding photographic report abroad, Jessica and Johnny´s wedding in Los Angeles to be concrete, (you can see their engagement here.) As I usually do, I took the opportunity to visit and enjoy the area. When I posted on my social media channels that I was on the West Coast of the United States, Pablo, a good friend of mine, quickly contacted me and asked me to meet him, as he happened to be on vacation in that same area. That was how, after a well deserved beer, we decided that at the end of that evening he and his girlfriend will be doing a very special photo shooting, modern and unconventional as they both are. The quirky and casual style of this fantastic couple was the perfect excuse to make great urban and rock style pictures.

We started the photoshoot in Venice Canals, this is a residential area in L.A, with a bohemian style and stunning houses surrounded by canals and bridges, in fact its name comes from its resemblance to the Italian city of Venice. Then we decided to move to a promenade nearby. It was filled with souvenir shops, restaurants, gyms outdoors, houses on the same seafront and all kinds of people, people playing basketball and others skating in the numerous skate parks in the area. The multicultural and full of variety atmosphere of the area plus the unique and characteristic style of the couple made of these a great set of free and easy looking pictures,  while it portrayed the American and universal character of this area in the West Coast.

Then we decided that the beach was the perfect set to conclude, as it will give a romantic touch to this rocking style photo shoot, so we moved to Venice Beach, known for being the home to artists and creative minds of all kind, this beach is a place of worship in the American continent.

Pablo is an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter and the owner of a clothing and Roninwear equipment store and Irene is a tatoo girl, as you can see in the pictures. She is outgoing and a music lover. These are the reasons we decided to do a different photo shooting, with them hardly posing so it would reflect in the most real way their personalities.Their modern and urban style mean they fit perfectly in the environment, it actually seemed like they had been living there for their whole life, they certainly remained unnoticed as tourists.

Once on the beach, we really enjoyed taking the pictures. The atmosphere was very inspiring, from the famous Baywatchers booths that so many movies have portrayed to the  Venice Fishing Pier Fishing Pier, who worked as a perfect postcard background. The light in California is awesome, used as I am to do wedding photography in Málaga, these endless sunsets full of red and orange tones made me very excited, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this moment. As a regular wedding photographer, having the opportunity of doing this kind of work every now and then it´s great as it entails a very positive plus of creativity. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I really encourage you to visit this area if you have the chance.