Print Box

Are you looking for a way to present your wedding photos in a unique and memorable fashion? Are you in search of a timeless keepsake, or an unforgettable gift for one of your beloved friends of family?

This Print Box in a great alternative to the usual wedding album. An album can fade over time, its pages get dog-eared and torn and its photos coming loose and being lost forever – whereas with this box your grandchildren and their future grandchildren can look over your wedding photos as if your special day were only just yesterday.

Print box

Simply choose between 50 and 100 of your favourite wedding photos and have them presented in a beautiful handmade wooden box crafted out of the finest materials.

Prints are 15 x 20cm in size and printed on 250g fine art paper. The highest in quality paper, the colours stay vibrant for longer and your wedding photos feel and look fantastic for years to come.

The perfect way to keep your memories alive for longer.