Wedding Albums

In my wedding photo albums I work with prestigious laboratories offering the best quality of work, using top of the line materials for printing and binding.My style of layout is simple and elegant at the same time, a style that never gets old; giving each photograph the importance it deserves. This layout is hand-made, keeping in mind each photograph  and making each album unique.

Wedding Album

The material covers  can be chosen, in linen or fabric, with the possibility to choose between different colours and textures. The sheets are printed with ecological printing, the durability of the images over time and use are guaranteed. I have two options for wedding photo albums that would perfectly suite every need, with the possibility of printing it on different types of sheets and format.

Option 01, Bold 150:

This collection includes a main album and two 24 x 20 cm duplicates. Main album measures 30 x 25 cm and comes with flexible sheets of pure white 200g paper, a very light and portable album. It contains 75 sheets (150 individual pages), holding 150 images.

The layout pattern follows a single style: one image per page with a white background, giving more importance to each image.

The album is covered in fabric with your names embossing and includes a cloth bag.

Wedding Album

Option 02, Alma Collection:

Linen covered album available in square format (30 x 30 cms). It comes with a matching linen and wooden box. This album contains 30 sheets (60 individual pages), which hold over 100 photographs. Layout made by the photographer.

Images are printed with ecological printing on pure white paper 250g. This album is neither too big nor too heavy, the ideal way to store your memories. You can also add your names embossing on both the box and album cover.